Join us on September 22, 2016
Józef Piłsudski's Municipal Stadium of Legia Warsaw
The event commences at 9:30 AM


I. Conference official opening

  • Dariusz Mioduski, ECA
  • Witold Bańka, Ministry of Sport and Toursism
  • Zbigniew Boniek, Polish Football Association
  • Michele Centenaro, ECA
  • Dariusz Marzec, Polish League (ESA)
  • Conference host: Dariusz Szpakowski, TVP

    II. First Half – Strategy

    Warm up: „Football market in Europe and in Poland – conditions, trends and development perspectives” – Martijn van Rensch, Deloitte (15 min)

  • Marcin Diakonowicz, Deloitte Poland
  • Jesper Joergensen, Deloitte Denmark
  • Martijn van Rensch, Deloitte Netherlands
  • Best organizations, institutions, companies or countries know that they have to implement a good strategy in order to achieve the biggest potential. How, without misusing “strategy” word, to create an effective tool for Polish football, which will bring together different stakeholders and environments?

  • Witold Bańka, Ministry of Sport and Toursism
  • Michele Centenaro, ECA
  • Marcin Diakonowicz, Deloitte Poland
  • Dariusz Marzec, Polish League (ESA)
  • Dariusz Mioduski, ECA
  • Conference host: Rafał Patyra, TVP

    III. Second Half – Quality football

    Warm up: „Club Management Guide – from strategy to performance in small, medium and the biggest European clubs. Lessons for Poland?” – Olivier Jarosz, ECA (15 min)

    In football business the most important factor is … quality. Quality of individual players, quality of teams and quality of the whole entertainment around them. The more quality, the bigger commercial, marketing and other success. What is the best way to create and consequently develop quality in football, especially on clubs’ level?

  • Jacek Bednarz, Polish League (ESA)
  • Mateusz Drożdż, Zagłębie Lubin
  • Olivier Jarosz, ECA
  • Richard Grootscholten, Feyenoord Rotterdam
  • Piotr Rutkowski, Lech Poznań
  • Hugo Schoukens, Double Pass
  • Michał Żewłakow, Legia Warszawa
  • Conference host: Konstantin Kornakov

    Lunch break

    IV. Extra time – Innovations

    Warm up: Virtual Reality in football – for the first time in Poland – Sander Schouten, Mark Snijders, Beyond Sports (15 min)

    There is no need to convince anybody that technology and innovations in football is becoming one of key factors for achieving success – both on pitch as well as in relations with fans, sponsors and other stakeholders. How to create good conditions for innovations in Polish clubs? What tools are already available for players as well for those who manage the football businesses? What does R&D mean for football and what kind of opportunities it creates?

  • Kamil Adamczyk, Inteliclinic
  • Arno Hermans, Sport eXperience
  • Jesper Jorgensen, Deloitte Denmark
  • Sander Schouten, Beyond Sports
  • Michał Szaniawski, Industrial Development Agency
  • Ziemowit Ryś, Expert in the field of sports innowation
  • Tomasz Zahorski, Legia Warszawa
  • Conference host: Grzegorz Nawacki, Puls Biznesu

    V. Penalities – Money

    Warm up: „Soccernomics in European and Polish realities” – Ben Lyttleton, Soccernomics (15 min)

    Football will always be a romantic sport but there is no doubt that without money no one would achieve a strong position in football world. What can be done in order to bring more money into Polish football? How triple budgets of Polish clubs within next 3-5 years? What are the key factors for adding value in media and sponsoring rights? What are todays expectations of fans and what will be tomorrow?

  • Marcin Animucki, Polish League (ESA)
  • Bartosz Ciołkowski, Mastercard
  • Ben Lyttleton, Soccernomics
  • Jacek Kurski, TVP
  • Martijn Van Rensch, Deloitte Netherlands
  • Manuel Rougeron, NC+
  • Maciej Sawicki, PZPN
  • Conference host: Grzegorz Nawacki, Puls Biznesu

    VI. The final – goals setting for Polish Football Forum 2017 edition